Review: Mardi Gras Hotel, Las Vegas

Review: The Mardi Gras Hotel, Las Vegas.


We went for this hotel as we wanted a hotel that was off the strip so it wasn’t so noisy at night etc.

When we first got out the taxi here we were surprised as we were driving past all the fancy looking hotels on the strip and then when we turned off and drove away from the strip we wondered just how far away from the strip we were going.

It was a little further than we had hoped but what can you do 😛

As we got out the taxi we took our cases into the reception and checked-in and we were given our room key.

So as we went to find out room we found our room was on the bottom floor at the side of the hotel (second pic above). We went in and done the usual nosey around the place to see what it was like, As we were looking about we could hear people walking past our door and talking and they were very loud. We sat down and talked and wondered what we would do first but then we hear someone try to open our door…

After that happened we were pretty spooked and did not feel safe in that room so we went to reception and told the and asked for another room a few floors up. We got our new room keys so once we moved up to that room which was on the 3rd floor we had a look around again and we felt better about this room so we unpacked and changed as it was rather warm and we still had our flight clothes on.

We had paid for bed and breakfast so the next morning we down stairs for breakfast and we went into what we thought was where we had breakfast. It was a buffet style so we chose everything we wanted and sat down and ate and left to go about our day. We did the same the next morning although this time we sat down and a waiter came over and took out a writing pad and then said out bill was something like $15 and we said to him that we had already paid for B&B and he insisted we didn’t. We were not going to pay for something we had already paid for, So we asked to speak to the manager and he came over and we told him we had already paid and he then said this wasn’t the room we were suppose to eat in. He then told us to go to reception and he would meet us there. The receptionist there then said that they don’t normally do B&B and that it was our company that offered it (Thomas cook) and they were not told. They then gave us pieces of paper that we hand over before we have breakfast in the mornings and told us we eat in the bar… As we found the next morning all we were offered as breakfast was a sausage or bacon with scrambled eggs and beans..every morning the same thing.

The room was big and had 2 double beds which were a little hard but the pillows were okay for me.

Excuse the mess! 😛


The bathroom was okay it had a shower and bath. Didn’t try the bath but the shower was okay but the toilet flush was so loud nobody would flush it at night in case we woke each other up during the night.

Also the sink was outside the bathroom…as you see in the photo so was a bit awkward when you were brushing your teeth etc:/

And there was also 2 large counter tops that had nothing on them.. we just had a mini fridge below one of them..




Location wise as I said it is obviously away from the strip. There was not a lot to see around our hotel but it was close to the Convention centre metro station stop. So we sometimes used that to get around.

Photos below is the main door and the view from sitting on the benches. We could see the wynn hotel. Below them is the Metro lines that run right past our hotel. So it was noisy sometimes but we got used to the noise.


We also had a mcdonalds 5 mins away! 😀


The view from our door. The pool (There was also a jacuzzi to the right of the pool) and there was also a childrens play area that was getting done up. We didnt try the pool ( i just burn and i cant swim 😛 ) but there was others using it and sunbathing throughout the day. the jacuzzi was mainly used in the late afternoon.

   IMG_3142 IMG_3144

The hotel did provide a shuttle bus that leaves every hour and stops at Bally’s hotel and they pick up form there every hour also. We didnt know about the shuttle until about 5 days into our holiday as nobody in reception told us so we were using the metro which is $5 per person for a one way ticket..

The bus is sometimes late as it goes to the airport to pick up people that were checking in to our hotel and it also does airport drop off. which we also didnt know but luckily the airport isnt far so didint cost us much on a taxi when we arrived first.


We were here for 2 weeks for overall we did eventually get used to everything the location, the transport, $$ and the heat!

The heat does take some getting used to as Las Vegas is in a desert so any moisture in the air evaporates…including sweat.. so you have to drink water constantly. So STAY HYDRATED!!

Overall i wouldn’t recommend the hotel.

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25 Instagramers you need to be following!

I love Instagram so naturally i had to make a post about it!

Although it was hard to narrow it down to 25!

But here is my 25 favourite instagramers.

Check them out!


11280209_1857864411106138_1379785871_n 11380047_1635039450111888_1129887043_n


11373670_460928767400940_1627359719_n 1389251_504225419727679_588075730_n


11910055_1481489338831378_2035101174_n 11849134_1614427395473922_2045721927_n


11379297_1603504153220908_35060950_n 11334387_1625424924337668_1742016929_n


11084855_822407711142040_848875505_n 11417281_1633218883585584_1065494959_n


924729_155029614831411_1048468639_n 11849163_1893976197494512_2011082313_n


11189883_871338306289664_477162251_n 11373751_413685352156427_936321962_n


11312166_1494479297511229_122067675_n 11373604_732955223499830_625306799_n


11325195_1513637952259611_2077288730_n 11371195_1671130576456036_1810353894_n


10431921_1658903197657067_1193639479_n 11918051_813952678702370_1518682778_n


11330789_1646240452297832_284424091_n 11899612_989288391101874_1897412422_n


11201601_1033180633368120_1095814238_n 11326346_1451226635184090_2119385298_n


11410414_1450498508611055_1264000574_n 11906184_812393708875650_1456561855_n


11820676_1640826792867818_1161761307_n 11906317_1620649644878564_92274928_n


11820470_822022451247411_909207707_n 11881600_1628149517466430_557885188_n


11312112_883784714990681_361759186_n 11821220_1610848352530338_186463807_n


10732048_1622242868016071_1795784099_n 11264700_683187361781762_56691816_n


11375758_736904566437001_913966711_n 11906392_104368096585062_1783502397_n


11251132_939239709467257_336693702_n 11849022_1510469995910824_1140124782_n


11250227_1622984131310971_42460630_n 11350812_898313973538030_1774169099_n


11333396_406797172862214_1900533222_n 11379283_584177741725123_355958353_n


11326114_728734553898449_2077708530_n 11356976_738580362936049_1490097177_n


11265403_928140650565003_461209125_n 11881774_475813605921344_769119562_n


11351795_1624865114468906_859972459_n 11850247_884637518252717_2051846518_n


11349239_1660836870798929_883249541_n 11250234_891278690949005_1477464031_n

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Liebster Award!

As a newbie blogger i was happy to discover i was nominated for a Liebster award.

With thanks to Junee Aguelo at

she is an aspiring writer and budget backpacker as well as a book lover!

This award exists only on the internet, and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is a way for blogger to be discovered as well as connect and support the blogging community.

The questions I was given:

If you are to choose a country or a place to settle down that matches your personality, which will it be and why?

California, It is warm most days so that would help with my bad joints 😛 as well as the amazing beaches and i just love the lifestyle.

What is the name of your blog and why did you name it as such? I wanted something simple and short so people would remember it easily. I don’t have a reason behind the name as i spent about an hour solid thinking of names and checking it was available. When it came up as available i sighed and smiled!

If you are stuck in a deserted island, what five things would you like to bring with you and why?

water, a knife, a bundle of books, laptop and like 10 full charged portable chargers for the laptop! 😀

How will you convince a very sceptical person (like me perhaps) to embark on his or her first solo travel?

I have yet to take my first solo trip! i just haven’t built up the nerve to do it yet! haha! but if i had to say anything i would say DO IT! you only live once!

Do you have any scary stories to share with us (one that you’ve actually experience in one of your trips? What is it and how did you deal with it?

I actually don’t! not that i can remember anyway.

What gadgets do you carry with you when you travel and why those?

Iphone, my camera (canon sx700hs), kindle and sometimes my iPad.

Have you experienced “Serendipity” on one of your trips? How was it?

While we were in Las Vegas we didn’t know at the time but we were there at the time when the mayweather vs pacman fight was on. so we stood outside the MGM watching all the stars arrive in their limos. We did see Justin bieber’s limo but nobody got near that lol

If you are to be one of those travel essentials that we carry on trips, what will it be and why?

Portable WiFi. It makes everyone happy 😉

How will you convince someone who travels a lot but never blogs start blogging?

Tell them about the benefits of doing it. You will get non stop inspiration for different places to go and things to see and add to your bucket list as well as talk to some great people and make friends you could possibly meet in other countries as you travel.

What is in travelling (or adventure or excursion) that makes you crave for more and why?

Seeing a new place every time, living a different lifestyle in every country, all the new sights to see and discover, the flight as you look down as you are coming into a different place and the overall experience!

What is in your bucket list that you are (kind of) scared of doing and at the same time, itching on doing it and why?

Snorkelling in the great barrier reef. and why? because i cant swim, but i still want to do it before the reef dies out. but i am also not a big fan of water.

Here are the instructions for my nominees:

Create a blog post on your site answering the questions that I have provided below.

In your post, be sure to link back to the blog who nominated you (which is me, iTravelista) with a thank you and a shout out.

After answering the questions I gave, provide a question for your nominees.

Select, list and link 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers and provide these instructions.

DON’T FORGET to create 11 questions for them to answer.

Notify your nominees and provide a link to your post so that they’ll know what to do.

Once you’re done, come back here and comment with the link to your post so I can check out your answers.

Questions for nominees:

  1. What has been your most enjoyable place you have been to?
  2. What has been the worst situation you have been in while traveling?
  3. What camera do you use on your travels?
  4. Most memorable moment when traveling?
  5. Worst food experiance in any country?
  6. How did you gain courage to do your first solo trip and where was it?
  7. What do you use most to stay in airBnB, hostels, couchsurfing or hotels?
  8. What are 11 fun facts about you?
  9. What is your favourite apps to use while traveling?
  10. What have you learned about yourself?
  11. Favourite photo you have taken?


  1. Christina Louise @ 
  2. Monique la Caótica @
  3. Sabine De Gaspari @
  4. Swati Saxena @
  5. Chiara Bond @
  6. Nam Cheah @
  7. Claire Josephine Lce @
  8. Cess Ilia @
  9. Aoibheann Schwartz @
  10. Ana Raspini @
  11. Lena Zubareva @

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Top 5 websites that help me plan what to do somewhere!

All these websites I use to help me find the best things to see, do, eat and shop.

Best of all they are all APPS too! 😀


Got a place in mind but not sure how to get there? This website will give you all the transport options and the price to go with them. definitely a site/app any traveller should have handy.


My most favourite travel app of all time! its like Instagram but purely for travellers! Just type in a place you are in or going too and loads of photos will appear of that place or near it. If you want to find out where the place is the photo was taken view the location on the map and even get directions!

Spotted by locals

This site has tons of local people living around the world and they are adding more places all the time. You get an expert opinion of what to see/do, where to eat, shop and drink that not many tourist may know about. You can even contact the local people and speak to them directly and ask for even more info! the recommendations they give are also provided on a map 🙂


This is a handy little website/app it has loads of travel guides for different countries around the world showing the things to do, eat , shop, drink, the night-life and where to stay. It also has its own walking tours! so you can just find the tour you want to do and it will show you a map of the walking tour and you just follow the map at your own pace. The map also works offline! 

Trip Advisor

Said this site before and I will say it again! 😛 got something in mind you want to see or do? check up on the reviews of that place or activity here! you can also book hotels, flights and rental from here but I just use the site for reviews.

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10 Things I bet you didn’t know about Glasgow!

So I live in Glasgow and even I only just found out about these! :O

1. A very cool mural trail.


You can even see a map of where all the murals are so you can go and hunt them down and see them for yourself! 

2.The oldest swimming baths in the world!


“Founded in 1870, Arlington Baths Club is a welcoming and peaceful sanctuary for citizens of Glasgow, offering a relaxing getaway in the heart of the city.” and it still open and running to this day!

3. Take a tour on the BBC Scotland studios.

I have done this! as well as the STV studios tour. I don’t know if they still do the STV tours so I would contact them first as I done mine not long after it first opened! 

4. Have a GIANT pizza at Toni’s Pizzeria


Looks delicious!

5. A Church designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh 


“Mackintosh Queen’s Cross is one of Glasgow’s hidden architectural gems. The only church in the world designed by the great Scottish architect, designer and artist, Charles Rennie Mackintosh.”

6. Visit 330 million year old trees at Fossil Grove.

These trees pre-date the dinosaur years by 100 million years. Read more about them here.

7. There is a secret Victorian flat you can go visit.


Ever wondered what a Victorian flat looked like back in the day? have a visit! more info about its history here.

8. Do a sponsored zip line across the river Clyde.

You can do this for charity as long as you raise the amount required. Do it for leukaemia and lymphoma research or children with cancer

9. Bungee jump of the Titan crane.


Think your brave enough? book a slot here.

10. Watch a film in the world tallest cinema! 

Over 200 foot high and boast 18 screens over 9 floors! More info.

Credit given on all images

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Vegas baby! Vegas!

Las Vegas is one of the most amazing places I have ever been! 

This was my first trip to America and most definitely wont be my last.

It all started at Manchester airport.


The 3 hours before you board the plane seemed gone in no time as I was just excited at the thought of being in Las Vegas when I got off.

It was hard to sleep on the plane but after a 10 hour flight when I stepped off the plane and the Vegas desert air hits you, Its worth it…very hot, but worth it! 

IMG_0381 IMG_0382

Once we got our baggage we headed outside to get a “cab” to our hotel. And of course as you come into Vegas you will see the iconic sign welcoming you to Las Vegas so you cant help but take a photo.


So we decided to stay in a hotel off the strip as we thought it would be noisy at night etc. Our hotel was nothing extravagant like a lot of the hotels in Vegas.

So we stayed at the Mardi Gras Hotel.


We decided to go for a cheaper hotel as we wanted more money to spend as we don’t spend much time in the room. Sleep, shower, dress, breakfast down stairs at 7/am then we are gone all day till about 11/12 at night. 

So obviously the first thing you do is go to the strip! 


Planet Hollywood!


 The Bellagio fountains with the Paris tower and the Venetian in the background.

Excalibur Hotel


New York New York! (Yes all of this is a hotel!) IMG_0742

The Venetian hotel! 


Part of the Luxor hotel is a giant sphinx!

IMG_0746                                           Credit to who owns the photo of the Luxor hotel. 

We also went to see the Gold and silver pawn shop. Which is the set for the show pawn stars! the guys that are in the show were not there on the day we went though 😦


We also seen a random coca cola truck! I was happy to see this as it reminds me of the coca cola advert that is on at Xmas 😛 we don’t see these in the UK, at least I have never seen them apart from when they are sometimes around at Xmas in random places. 


We done a lot in Vegas we seen most of the hotels and went up the wheel, Paris tower and the stratosphere. we however didn’t do the Gran Canyon tour as we opted to do a different trip…….A day trip to LOS ANGELES! (it has been my dream to go there for years!) 

Welcome to California! Eek! 😀 


We seen the Chinese theatre where a lot of films are premiered and a few of the big awards show I don’t remember if it’s the Grammy’s or the Oscars! :/


The iconic HOLLYWOOD SIGN! 😀


The hollywood walk of fame!


Beverly Hills sign! 


Then we went to Santa Monica beach! such a lovely beach, although there wasn’t much sun out when we were there but it was still very busy!


End of route 66IMG_1985

Santa Monica Pier


Santa Monica Beach.

IMG_1986 IMG_2016

Santa Monica yacht harbour.  IMG_1973

SO going back to LA for a trip again! 🙂 

I do have a load more photos of everything (2000 odd!) but hey its a newbie blog and i am not an avid traveller at the moment so i am going to save some and do more posts with them. 

I planned on doing a review on the hotel we stayed in, a review on the Paris tower, the wheel and the stratosphere tower as i got some pretty awesome photos from them alone! and i have more photos from LA and a lot of inside a few of the hotels.

Any feedback on how i write a post, the layout or anything is welcome. I need all the help i can get! 😉 


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10 Inspiring Travel Quotes

10  Quotes that will inspire you to travel and give you that push to book that dream trip!

We wander for distraction, But travel for fulfilment.

Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.

Don’t call it a dream, Call it a plan. 

A journey of a thousand miles but begin with a single step.

We travel initially to lose ourselves; and we travel next to find ourselves.

Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.

Freedom has been there waiting for you all along.

Don’t wait. Life goes quicker than you think.

Travelling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.

-i T r a v e l i s t a

Pinterest Travel Posts

Although interest may not first come to mind for traveling but it can still help.

If you have a certain place you want inspiration for things to see or do then Pinterest may help!

For Example: Going to Rome soon? go to Pinterest and type in Rome and see what pops up 😉

Here is what i found:


 Even the best ice cream parlours in Rome!! :O  

Give it a try! 😉 


Favourite Travel Apps

These are the app i personally use the most and find the most helpful.


I Love Trover! It is similar to instagram but not as many edited photos.

When you upload a photo you can add the location of where the photo was took so others can find the location of where the photo was taken. It will also give you direction to that location for you to follow and see it with your own eyes.

This app was FREE!

Trip Advisor:

An obvious choice for many but its still worth a mention!

With this app you can find reviews on almost any hotel, resteraunt, bar, club, attraction, activity etc etc.

can also type in any location and it will give you places and things to do also as well as the reviews.

This app was FREE!

Not much to explain about this app it is a hotel booking app. You can arrange the list to show by lowest price first and this app shows some pretty cheap hotels and they all have reviews to go with them.

This app was FREE!

Google Maps:

Its google maps!

No wifi where you are? just find your area and get the map offline. If you would rather save your phone memory then find your route to where you are going and screen shot it, no wifi needed.

This app was FREE!


Dont think this app will help you traveling? wrong!

you can type things in like “things to do in …. ” and lots of posts will come up and they all take you to other blogs and site that have the info and you may discover more blogs to follow that will help with future travel locations.

This app was FREE!